Pod Structures adopts a multi-disciplinary design approach, combining Architecture, Engineering and Builder capabilities, to deliver comprehensive design and implementation solutions from concept to fabrication to assembly.
The firm is also carrying out research and development work related to the field of modular and pre-fabricated construction technologies for the Singapore building industry.


BIM and 3D-printed rapid prototyping technologies are utilized to carry out advance design and coordination analysis for optimizing building construction processes and performance. The firm has developed patents and scalable building components for assembly systems, enabling quality assurance and design reliability.



  • Architectural Design and Documentation
  • Master Planning
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Interior Space Planning and Design
  • Programming and Existing-Space Analysis
  • Modular Construction Prototyping Research & Development

Sustainable + Adaptive Architecture
for anyone, anywhere.



  • Lightweight structures that are assembled with minimal construction equipment and site disturbance.
  • Designed for installation by locally available work force and finished with locally available materials, contributing to the sustainable livelihoods of communities.
  • Flexibility for structures to be re-purposed, re-sized and re-located as user needs change, therefore reducing waste.