The Movit Modular Concept is a lightweight and flexible building system comprising of pre-fabricated components that are easily transported for the rapid assembly of structures.

Guided by sustainable design and construction principles, the modular structures can be re-configured, re-purposed and re-located, for adaptive re-use to minimize waste.

Whether selected from a range of standardized designs or completely bespoke, by allowing for flexibility and adaptation, the Movit Modular Concept offers future-proof design solutions.

The design flexibility, mobility and ease-of-assembly allows unique, remote and inaccessible destinations to be unlocked, without damaging the natural environment.

Venture to undiscovered corners and experience new spaces for contemplation.

These Movit free-standing cabins offer simplicity and self-sufficiency for those looking to explore the wilderness and biodiversity of tropical forests and nature reserves.

Equipped with basic amenities and comfort, these cabins and pavilions bridge the gap between a robust shelter and feather-light camping tent. The cabins are lightly placed with minimal disturbance to existing trees, vegetation and natural features. When relocated, they leave no trace of their existence.

Witness ever-changing coastal environments, and be immersed within the vast expanse of space near the oceans.

Whether modest self-contained cabins or spacious bespoke villas, the Movit Modular Concept allows for accommodations to be assembled on the water edge, over the water or on the water.

Using pre-engineered structural aluminium components, the architectural system is resilient to marine conditions and comes in different profiles to enable the installation of a wide variety of fa├žade elements and finishes.

Inaccessibility is not limited to wilderness areas. Within our cities, many locations in dense urban settings also offer rich potential for activation to meet the diverse needs of city-dwellers.

From event spaces, office extensions, recreational structures, retail, F&B, to healthcare and education, the Movit Modular Concept enables countless solutions to be envisioned, rapidly implemented and dismantled after, according to project requirements, at any scale.

Whether the site is an under-utilized roof top, remnant spaces between existing buildings, a temporary vacant site or simply a back yard, and whether a transient structure for a few days or a long term structure to last years, MOVIT has the speed and agility to keep pace with urban living.

Here is a selected range of completed modular building projects. For more project references, do visit the website for our patented and proprietary modular technology