In the market for over a decade, Tubelar®️ ( is a highly adaptive and multi-purpose product for both short-term use and permanent structures. Tubelar®️ is a flat-pack method for construction – meaning no cranes or large trucks are needed. Made from aluminum, Tubelar®️ is lightweight and weatherproof.

While much of the initial early use for Tubelar®️ has been for temporary structures such as pop-up stores along Orchard Road or for Singapore’s F1, our future evolution is the adoption of Tubelar®️ for permanent structures.

Whether for residential, hospitality, medical or for commercial use, the main benefit of Tubelar®️ is that it can be applied to almost any purpose and climate that can be imagined. Using Tubelar®️ at its core, Pod Structures is our line for residential applications such as homes and auxiliary units.